Human Capital Development and Investments

Human Capital Development and Investment

Vaalnest Boutique Hotel pledges to invest in its employee’s futures and to promote from within. Making use of SETA’s training and development courses, Vaalnest’s workforce is fully qualified and continuously encouraged to grow and develop in the Hospitality and Customer related fields. We also help and develop other businesses with their marketing strategies and implement control systems for stock and cost centres.

Over the years we have also given learners working opportunities at our premises through internship programs in different working fields. These interns served a purpose to place Vaalnest ahead in the market in which we operate in. Part of this scheme was to provide opportunities to those that want to expand their career in Tourism and hospitality in general.

In 2012-2013

  • Vaalnest worked with 7 interns

In 2013-2014

  • Vaalnest worked with 8 interns

In 2014-2015

  • Vaalnest worked with 10 interns

In 2015-2016 (Current)

  • Vaalnest is currently working with 5 interns in the fields of Public Relations, Reservations, Finance, Sales and Marketing and Events Coordinating in their respective fields.


Our policy highlights our involvement in this human development and investment aid which aims to provide viable working opportunities to young fresh minds. This is also done through DTI which helps source the students. Vaalnest thus give employment contracts to those that far exceed management expectations in good performances. Our ongoing strategy to invest in upcoming entrepreneurs is ongoing and Vaalnest still aim to builds more working relationships with funders and sponsors to create an overall conducive working environment for all.


Our aim is to also develop 100 self-catering suites as well as develop the waterfront together with a warm water spring. This should attract self-catering guests as well as day visitors to Vaal Marina. Thereafter, duplicate the Vaalnest Boutique Hotel concept into all nine provinces of South Africa.


Social investment


Vaalnest Boutique Hotel is committed to the upliftment and transformation within the communities it operates. This means we take pride in our work and the services we offer. We are involved in:

•        The creation of staff incentive schemes – profit share and/or shares.

•        THETA students practical work assistance

•        Donation of cutlery to the Anglican church

•        Rainbow FM 90.7