Environmental and Carbon Footprint

Plant a Tree with Vaalnest

With the worldwide growing concern to our environment and sustaining it’s longevity for the future; Vaalnest Boutique Hotel has taken a pledge to reducing its carbon footprint and taking care of the environment within its reach. Plant a Tree with Vaalnest is part of our Responsible Tourism initiative to:

  • Plant 400 trees across the country with the help from our visitors.
  • Provide those guests with an opportunity to be involved by giving each guest a gift pack consisting of a seed with soil and an instruction booklet on how to plant a tree.
  • Provide better holiday experiences for guests and promote overall environmental conservation.
  • Recycle paper
  • Reading our newsletter online to minimise the use of paper


With Vaalnest having to achieve its magical number across the country, an updated map showed our progress regarding the number of trees being planted by each guest through the years the initiative has been running. Vaalnest continues to follow Responsible Tourism guidelines to practice environmental conservation, as such we consider all factors relating to environmental conservation. These factors impact our planet in all ways and as part of Responsible Tourism we aim to educate our guests on their ecological footprint. Our policy has never changed over the years, and since we have been in operation we launched a tree plantation initiative, this initiative will help minimise our carbon footprint as a whole thus formulating a sustainable tourism service.

We want to work closely with our community and everybody that supports us. Trees are life, let us clean our air by practicing Responsible Tourism. We are open to start other environmental conservation initiatives in the future making us the number one stop for adventure travellers.

 SABS energy Audit

A Resource Efficiency and Cleaner Production assessment has been conducted at our premises on 2 February 2015. The methodology included the compiling of detailed electrical balances and noting areas for increased optimisation. Our areas for overall saving included electrical, water and materials.

Areas identified for resource saving at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel included:

  •  In excess of 48% reduction in electrical energy usage and cost: Insulation of existing geysers, management of visitor’s fridges and overall electrical saving investments in other appliances
  •  4.8% reduction in fuel energy usage and costs: The installation of a more efficient fireplace
  •  In excess of 24% reduction in municipal water usage and costs: Fitting low flow pressure shower heads and the installing a pool blanket
  •  Material and waste savings of over >R10 000 per anum: Refillable soap and shampoo dispensers, recycling program


The bases for this energy audit as per Vaalnest Policy was to identify areas to save energy and efficient resource use. These general energy saving means will also result in Vaalnest’s contribution to the overall national energy efficiency target. Our ongoing process to running a totally green establishment is a mission achieved together with the people that stay with us and the local community. These efforts and various others are all part of reducing our carbon footprint and Vaalnest is proud to say it has met all its targets so far.

At Vaalnest Boutique we like to remind our guests to think about their ecological footprint, i.e. how much water they use to wash or bath, and whether they recycle or not. It has been said that Responsible Tourism is gaining ground as a freshly emerging and growing global trend worldwide, and Vaalnest is very much involved in this trend and we stand firm in offering a natural experience where guests can be in touch with nature and all nature has to offer.