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“A lavish tranquil experience with nature”

There is no better way to escape from the chaotic pace of everyday life by booking an afternoon or whole weekend of pampering spa treatments. Vaalnest Boutique Hotel incorporates a lavish tranquil experience with nature where clients indulge in fabulous spa treatments such as body massages and facials in various outdoor spa gazebos that are specifically designed to create an all-round nature experience. Vaalnest Boutique Hotel & Annona Day Spa are inspired by nature, to help bring the best of nature to your body by having an overall natural treatment with luxury results.


Annona Day Spa at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel

Annona Day Spa has been a big part of our Responsible Tourism value when it comes to customer service, and as a tourism business our values include an exceptional service delivery to all our clients with no deviations.