Your Vaalnest Spa Product selection review: The Story Box

Posted by Collen on Thu January 28, 2016 in Vaalnest Spa & Health.

The Story Box is simply a well packaged pack of Spa Products that aim to give you an all-round good looking skin tone. Today we look at what the pack includes and why it’s regarded as a lifestyle product collection set.

By now you already know every Thursday we review some of the products we use in our Kalahari Spa to carry out strong treatments that add value tour skin. These form a cleansing process that is ideal for any skin. Additionally some products from Kalahari can be put together to bring out the best in any skin. Ideally the story Box is a good example of taking all the best of the skin care range and mixing it together with lifestyle range to bring you what we call a Nourishing Story Box Unit. Tell the enchanted story of the Kalahari and its people, with a customised selection of luxurious products all with unique fragrances to match. This unit alone will set you back at R750.00 but it’s a lifetime guarantee to your well-being and certainly something that will be part of your skin care range for a long time. Inside each story Box includes:

Desert Mineral Exfoliator 200ml
Soothing Hand Balm 200ml
Bath and Shower Gel 200ml
Bead Bracelet

Many of our guests ask us what treatment we best recommend at all times, the answer well simply think of it as you the story teller to another person. We are all different in our own ways yet we share the common ground nurturing, caring and loving. Whether it’s physical or emotional, we all tend to express how we feel about something the best way we know how. Any treatment on its own is different, in fact each treatment is different to each person because of skin type thus we cannot recommend the ideal treatment, rather we prefer to understand what your skin needs and how you can improve on it.

Making our products available for purchase makes it easy to for you to carry out the necessary treatment needed after your actual visit here at Vaalnest Spa. Book now for you Day Spa Visit.







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