Your Spa Product Selection Review: Bath and Shower Gel

Posted by Collen on Thu January 21, 2016 in Vaalnest Spa & Health.

The Bath and Shower Gel is a cleansing product of choice from Vaalnest Spa, it comes with two different natural fragrances perfectly suited for your refreshing showers.

The Kalahari Bath and Shower Gel uses the Khoi San Aromatic Blend fragrance that’s truly magical and authentic. The Escape feeling is eminent with this blend which consists of unique Kalahari plant extracts and Buchu Oil that is native to South Africa. The Bath and Shower Gel also can come with a Tsamma Blend Fragrance that gives out the refreshing feeling that will last for a very long time. A true fragrance taken from fresh Kalahari Watermelons mingled with wild dune grasses.

Our Bath and Shower Gel will invigorate and uplift dull and dehydrated skin while still maintaining vital moisture within the skin. True magic indeed coupled together with luxury and Quality, something we at Vaalnest Spa take into consideration at all times. Our Bath and Shower Gel is a real product that aims to live up to its organic reputation of natural ingredients to make bathing and showering a healing process on its own without stepping out of your comfort zone.

Direction of Use: Simply apply directly onto damp skin when showering or bathing


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