Your Product Selection With Vaalnest Spa

Posted by Collen on Thu November 26, 2015 in Vaalnest Spa & Health.

This week we focus on Lotions and Gel products as well as Serums and Oil Products. Kalahari has outdone themselves with these revitalizing products, from oils to lotions get the best of both worlds.

These products serve as day product to shield skin against harmful factors that may cause your skin to be damaged. Remember to always consult our therapist for the right product to use for your skin, as a result most products are permitted to be used during night or day depending on the products and the effects it used for. Most Vaalnest Kalahari Spa products are suitable for all skin types thus making these products very versatile in their uses. This week with your product selection we look at two products that are highly recommended by our very own therapist to combat problematic oily skin day and night:

Revitalising Booster Gel: This 60ml glass bottle gel based product is a smart product from Kalahari, it works as an oil-free gel which melts into the skin to prevent ageing and leaves the skin revitalised, refreshed and even ultra-hydrated. Get this gel based product that is good for dull skin for only R185.00.

Radiance Day Serum: A day-time treatment serum product which not only moisturises, nut also rejuvenates the skin like the lotion and gels. This intensive anti-ageing and oil-free treatment serum also melts into your skin, leaving the hydrated and replenished. Get this magnificent serum product for only R133.00