Your Product Selection with Vaalnest Spa

Posted by Collen on Thu November 5, 2015 in Vaalnest Spa & Health.

We are attacked by germs all the time and with our hands being the most target, it’s always good to keep yours in check. Let’s look at 2 products from Vaalnest spa that are good for your hands.

The Soothing Hand Balm (with Aromatic Dune Blend) R160.00

This hand product is soft and delicate when applied to your skin, it has a rich organic scent that’s can be carried out through the day. Kalahari has blended the best of nature to keep germs away from everyday life. The Hand Balm contains rich nourishing ingredients which help restore natural moisture to dry, sun-damaged skin leaving the skin velvety smooth and protected from premature ageing. Unlike most hand lotions, the soothing hand balm is a first of its kind and contains only natural ingredients from nature that have no artificial colorants, making it the number one product for replenishing hands and keeping them soft at all time.

The Phyto Hand Mask R180.00

This anti-ageing treatment is an overnight leave on mask for hands and arms that nourishes and restores dry and environmentally damaged skin. Once applied overnight washing off the mask leaves skin replenished and feeling smoother. You can apply the Hydrating hand lotion for additional protection which also helps to fight germs. The Hydrating Hand Lotion is also rich in antioxidants and helps skin to stimulate collagen production leaving your skin around your hands nurtured at all times.


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