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Posted on Thu October 22, 2015 in Vaalnest Spa & Health.

We review a product that is recommended for all skin type. This may surprise you but the Khoi Red Bush Tea can be taken with any Spa treatment and is able to treat just about any condition the body may suffer from.

The facial treatment is by far the most popular Spa treatment of its kind. For most women though this treatment could mean the end or beginning of a beautiful facial cleansing that brings any smile. Though that may not be problem for many, Kalahari has developed a product that you might think doesn’t really add to this whole beauty stuff. The Kalahari Red Bush Tea is a favourite for most, a tea like no other that is able to fight off toxins in the body without any side effects, all form the power of nature with no added artificial colorants.

The Khoi Red Bush Tea lets you indulge your palate with the rare taste of organically harvested rooibos tea. This delicate tea is caffeine-free and rich in antioxidants, it can be enjoyed as a cold beverage or warm with milk and sugar or honey to taste. A slice of lemon or fresh mint leaves can be added for variations depending on what suites you. The Khoi tea is available in two units, Khoi Red Bush Tea in Tin which is R85 and the Khoi Red Bush Tea refill which is R46.

The tea is known fight off other conditions that are problematic for most people:

Heat rash

Nappy Rash


Sun burn

Bleeding Gums



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