Your Product Selection with Vaalnest Spa

Posted by Collen on Thu December 10, 2015 in Vaalnest Spa & Health.

Social Responsibility has always been something Vaalnest considers in every business it does, Vaalnest Spa has a few products that showcases our contribution to Social Development and Responsible Tourism.

Social Responsibility Products

The Kalahari Bead Bracelet Cream: This wonderful product is crafted by the very best of artists, these crafted beads made into a beautiful bracelet. By purchasing this product you contribute directly to the People of Africa/. Buy this product at our Vaalnest Spa for R40.00

The Kalahari Leather Wrap: This hand-made leather wrap is inscribed with gold and silver leaf. An Authentic African accessory that contributes to the livelihood of the People of Africa. Buy this product and choose between 4 different colour schemes, Tan, Dark Brown, White and Black for just R69.00

Lifestyle Range

Aromatic Diffuser comes in the Tsamma Blend, a fragrance so rich it will leave any room feeling refreshed form the Kalahari nature scents. Infuse the room with the unique scent of Kalahari Melon. The room will be filled with mood-enhancing, intimate and alluring desert scents of the Kalahari Desert. Buy this product for just R290.00. Direction of Use: once the top of the stick is dry you just turn them around for just the continuous mood enhancing feeling.