Posted on Fri May 21, 2010.

The yacht was chrome and white and sleek and wonderful. We were taken to it with a high speed motor boat which left a trail of white foam in its wake.
A uniformed captain helped us aboard and we were served with delicious cocktails. Flammy immediately headed for a chair on deck and put her feet up. She sighed happily, lifted her drink and gaily toasted me, her long time best friend. Pelicanus was pestering the waiter for another drink, hopefully something stronger, I heard him squawk.

Ronda took off her sun dress and there she stood – a goddess, a nymph, a B-I-R-D in a miniscule polka dotted bikini. I gulped, suddenly feeling ridiculously shy and tongue-tied in the exalted presence of this amazing creature. My knees gave way and I sunk into a chair, feasting my eyes on Ronda as she graciously sat down next to me, trying to catch a tan before sun set.
Very soon the violinist was playing The Blue Danube and we were nibbling on delectable horse d’ouvres. Life sure was a ball!