World Earth Day, 22 April 2015

Posted by Collen on Tue March 10, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

The increase of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere threatens the life of our planet, so minimise your carbon footprint.

This day commemorates the well-being of our planet and it is celebrated across the globe by different people and institutions as well as companies that stand behind environmental conservation. We at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel understand the challenges faced by our society regarding environmental conservation, people don’t have enough knowledge to drive the movement and practice conservation. We try to bring out as much information as we can regarding this and it forms part our responsible tourism policy. We always like to remind our guest about their ecological footprint, i.e. how much of the resources given to you are you using and for what purpose, do you recycle. There is so much to consider when it comes to our planet, so as some of you may know at Vaalnest we stand firm behind lowering our carbon footprint and taking care of the environment within our reach. We will continue giving our guests our plantation kit gift packs on checkouts, we will also remind clients on every event about environmental conservation. Remember to celebrate this day in your own way, as long as it is going to impact the environment in a good and sustainable way. Click on our Conservation page to read more.


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