Winter Warmer, Vaalnest Boutique Hotel has all the ingredients to keep you comfy this July.

Posted by Collen on Mon July 6, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

From the warm Dining area, to the Luxurious rooms with electric blankets, this surely is the place to be this winter.

Our nature inspired boutique hotel has to live up to its name, and being unique is what we stand for. Located in the middle of a quiet holiday town makes this a perfect romantic getaway that will be memorable. This winter we have the right package to keep you warm and comfortable.

  •  Luxuriously appointed rooms: From the Standard Luxury rooms to the Presidential Suite which incorporates an en-suite lounge and an en-suite boardroom, Vaalnest makes you feel home away from home. Our housekeeping team provides you with suited electrical blankets to keep you cosy all night. All rooms have a coffee station table allowing one to wake up to a hot cup of happiness standing on a balcony that has the best view around. From soft couches to elegant bath tubs enjoy a nights stay at our nature inspired boutique hotel. Neatly folded gold sheets makes for a welcoming luxury room, affordable Vaalnest luxury rooms provide the most comfort. Vaalnest Boutique Hotel also provides room service for those lazy days where you feel it’s impossible to get out of bed especially in the cold weather.
  • Vaalnests’ Fine Dining Restaurant: Our hotel's fine dining restaurant is the place to be, it features a fire place with effortless heating to keep the whole area warm in a fraction of the time. A soft comfy signature red carpet set across to bring out the comfort makes sitting in the restaurant feel like royalty. Vaalnest Boutique Hotel’s fine dining restaurant features continental cuisine with international influences. From tempting breakfasts through to dinners, each dish is created from the finest ingredients and prepared with passion and attention to detail. Try these filling dishes prepared by our Head Chef: Medallion of Pork, which is served on parmesan mashed potatoes with Asian stir fry complimented with whole grain mustard sauce. Lamb Shank…braised lamb shank set on a parmesan potatoes puree and served with Mediterranean sauce and veggies.
  • Vaalnest‘s Winter Warmers Special: Remember our special offer for winter, well book now to get pampered like never before. Our Special Offer for this winter is designed and packaged in such a way that will keep you well-appointed at Vaalnest. Valid until 31st of July 2015 book now and get the experience of a lifetime.
  • The Prefect Vaalnest Spa Hotel: Get the feel of our newly opened Vaalnest Spa, it promises to liven up your body this winter. This Kalahari nature inspired facility features luxury service with the right advice from our friendly therapist who understands the dynamics of the human body, mind and soul concept. Take something home this winter at Vaalnest Spa because we have made some products available for purchase once your treatment is done. Prescribed from our friendly therapist, only the best and luxury treatment is guaranteed.

Well equipped for winter, inspired by nature and a tranquil setting to forget about the buzz of any city known to man. Come visit Vaalnest Boutique Hotel this winter and treat your partner and family to an unforgettable holiday packaged to keep you at bay.






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