Why people fail

Posted on Thu January 24, 2013.

The year kicked off with a bang and the team building sessions at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel at the Vaal Dam are in full swing. Time to make your companies team building booking for the year now!
The other day I learned a few bits of wisdom from a young team building expert.
Why do people fail? I asked him.
“They loose their drive and focus. Life is full of battles and if a person loses a few, he might also loose his fighting spirit. Without that he will not reach his dreams.”
If you loose your temper at work, you lose a battle, and all the small battles adds up, he says.
To be a winner you must stay cool and calm. If you want to solve a problem with a colleague it helps to rehearse the situation before you confront him. Keep the conversation calm and be prepared for his different responses to the conversation.”
To stay calm in a situation where you would normally loose your temper, takes practice. Pre programme yourself not to get angry.
If you want to be successful, you cannot afford to have an anger management problem.”
He says people also fail because they surround themselves with the wrong people.
“Don’t underestimate the influence of the people around you. Stay away from negative people, gossiping and people who wants to drag you down with them. If you focus on success, you should associate with other positive ambitious people. ”
The people you surround yourself can determine what goals you will achieve.
“To stay focused on being a winner, your best weapons in the battles to the top is to be calm and determined and to walk away from negativity.” – Martie Swanepoel