Why does Vaalnest utilize Kalahari products?

Posted by Gugu on Fri October 21, 2016 in Vaalnest Spa & Health.

pure natural ingredients that would captivate the human mind and nourish your body.

.At Vaalnest we often certify that we use quality over quantity. We ensure that we give the best to our customers so that they feel at home. In terms of our products we ensure we provide nothing but the best hence we use the Kalahari products.

The Kalahari products capture not only the earthy goodness of nature but the exceptional and sensory experience of Africa. We chose the Kalahari brand because they only use natural products and there are no chemicals contained in them. Kalahari products are naturally harvested and they contain botanical ingredients only.

The oils used at Kalahari are created and compounded into skincare solutions that reestablish and nourish the skin. As people we all need to modify our skin routines to suit our skin. It is said a human being can live without an appendix or a spleen but we cannot live without our skin. Using natural skin products is the best step to providing the skin with the right nutrients in order to keep and preserve the functionality and the health of the skin

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