Welcome to my world!

Posted on Wed November 18, 2009.

Do you fancy a dreamy getaway from the fast paced urban jungle to rejuvenate your body and soul in a luxuriously serene surrounding?  Imagine pampering yourself with a weekend of sheer relaxing bliss and leisure activities that will have a much desired therapeutic effect on your overall wellbeing…Hmmm…

Stop!  Why indulge in a hazy dream that could only leave you unfulfilled?  Experience the real thing!

Now that I have your attention, allow me to introduce myself.  I am King Reginald Casper the Third.  A delightful mouthful when I am called upon to impress the ladies – wink wink ;-) .   I am not one for standing on ceremony, though, – I like to perch – and you may call me Reggie, providing you buy the first round of drinks… and the second, and the third.  I am royalty after all!!!!!  Have you ever seen a true blue blood bird fly around with a sequined purse clutched in his manicured talons? Duh!

My kingdom is named Vaal Marina, a picturesque holiday town nestling intimately on the back of the mighty Vaal Dam where, if you look close enough, you’ll catch my friend Rip van Winkle, still catching forty winks beneath a shady old tree.  Entering Vaal Marina one experiences a definite sense of homecoming and belonging – that elusive “ooh-aah feeling” everyone wants to bottle and sell to the highest bidder.  People are known to shout “yeah baby yeah, come to papa” when seeing my kingdom for the very first time.  A bit presumptuous of them, I say, as I prefer birds of another feather but let me not be known as a party pooper – (that wink again).

My castle and home is the exclusive Vaalnest Boutique Hotel (VaalNEST, get it?).  I languorously submit myself to the caring and loving administrations of professional staff whose sole aim in life is to spoil me rotten.  I place my royal feather stamp of approval on their excellent service.  This is undoubtedly an honour I do not bestow lightly as I hate getting ink on my luxuriously cushioned tailbone.  People might think I have piles, for heaven sake!

I while away many golden hours perching on the balcony of my 4* castle overlooking Vaal Marina and admiring all that is mine – although my favourite pastime is bird-watching, of course (still winking).  I have many guests arriving from all over the country and abroad to experience the honour of having an audience with me.  I simply love introducing them to my magical kingdom and giving them a chance to escape from their oh-so-ordinary lives to a world of sheer unadulterated luxury as they settle down to enjoy a taste of my out-of-this-world hospitality.

A true gossiper at heart, I would love to boast to you about my kingdom, my castle and all the wonderful activities and fun we get up to here.  I’m hoping you would soon like to come for a visit and meet me.  Contact the efficient staff at my castle, the Vaalnest Boutique Hotel, and book your stay.  Meanwhile, keep on reading my blog – it’s bloody hard work typing with my beak!