Vaalnest’s Signature Pan Grilled Fresh Kingklip gets popular

Posted by Collen on Fri January 29, 2016 in Good food.

If you read our blogs often you will notice we have never done any food review at our restaurant for the past year, in fact we have been so quiet about our restaurant that people were starting to wonder if we even have one…

Most of us know that any hotel has to keep up with the high standards of accommodation, we all strive to make any stay for anyone truly memorable but also very pleasant in every way possible. What is extremely important in any hotel however is the restaurant, a facility where everything foodie comes from. Our 4 star grading is there for a reason because part of getting that grading is through our prestigious restaurant that cooks the best dishes you can think off. This week we showcase a dish that has had the most attention during this time, the Pan Grilled Fresh Kingklip which is essentially a fish that is grilled to perfection. Most seafood lovers will tell you that what makes a good fish is the freshness and how each one is cooked, because all seafood are different in some way or another. Vaalnest Pan Grilled Fresh Kingklip takes the grilling process to whole new level, attention to detail allows for this grilling process to enhance flavours, the dish is served with Buttered Mushrooms Rice or Potatoe Fondant and Veggies. Order our 250g Kingklip for only R 140.00