Vaalnest Tree Plantation initiative

Posted by Collen on Tue June 2, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

We mentioned on our recent social blog page that conservation of the environment is our number one priority, we also aim to address this issue in a way people can get involved and make their mark in some way or another. A recent update on the Conservation page has seen a live update on the various trees planted across the country by our visitors as part of our Help Us Plant a Tree Initiative. The tree initiative has seen a major growth in terms of followers with regards to people actually making a pledge in planting trees. This initiative is thus expanding being that we at Vaalnest have taken a pledge to give each guest a gift pack to take back home and start planting all five seeds at their desired location. In time we have seen a major expansion in the Gauteng region and would urge more people to grow these trees accordingly. Thus we must educate the upcoming generation the importants of trees and what role they play in the environment. Our recent energy report also reveals our carbon footprint and how we over the past year have rated, as per our responsible tourism policy we as a business must conduct ourselves in a sustainable way and put measures to insure sustainable growth in the hospitality industry and the world at large.

Follow the tree initiative on our website for updates on how many trees so far has Vaalnest and the people across the country planted. The initiative has seen expansions in parts of the country such as:

Gauteng: 50 Trees planted including 5 Trees near Orange Farm
Limpopo: 5 Trees in the outer regions of Polokwane
Kwa-Zulu Natal: 5 Trees in Pietermaritzburg and 5 Trees in the outer regions of Richards Bay
The live update ultimately shows that a total of 70 trees so far have been planted, and most being in the Gauteng region including many Johannesburg suburb areas.

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