Vaalnest to provide Mid-Week Packages with some added special offers.

Posted by Collen on Wed September 16, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

Our packages are part of what makes Vaalnest a unique experience, we offer special treats with each package all in the purpose of making your stay a natural experience with a touch of tranquillity.

Mid-Week packages are what makes most places exciting so at Vaalnest we will have abit of what we call an outgoing experience with nature. These new Packages will be for adventurous travellers and the Non adventurous travellers so Vaalnest aims to attract what makes a person think of escaping that city buzz to reap the rewards of that at any given time. Our new packages also aim to incorporate everything that Vaalnest stands for, which is the environment and that plays a major role in the operation and our service to clients.

Packages that are focused on Adventure Traveling are designed by Vaalnest to make it a point that those that love the outdoor experience with nature gain site of the scenic and majestic views of the Vaal Dam, and appreciate what nature gives our on an everyday basis, from game drives to water sports these packages will definitely have a lot more of what Vaalnest offers regarding the environment.

Non Adventurous packages will aim to succeed what most packages at Vaalnest did, and that is to bring the entertainment in the very room you are staying in, however this time we want to bring in an outgoing experience that will include site seeing. These packages will appear more profound to couples or even individuals that love their own space, however keeping in mind that at the same time one is getting an alluring nature experience with a touch of tranquillity.

Details on the new Mid-Week Packages will be announced and placed on the website in the next coming weeks.