Vaalnest Spa product review - Phyto DD cream

Posted by Vaalnest on Thu May 26, 2016 in Vaalnest Spa & Health.

This daily defense cream is a multi-functional tinted treatment cream with carefully selected ingredients for effective results.

Benefits of using this Phyto DD cream.

  • A whitening agent & UV blocker
  • Chemically processed to remove impurities
  • Leaves the skin pure
  • This treatment cream will keep your skin protected against external factors
  • Leaves your skin beautifully luminous and a flawless complexion.

Titanium Dioxide

One of the core ingredients in Phyto DD cream:

  • Titanium dioxide is a naturally occurring mineral used as a coloring & whitening agent, a thickening agent & a sunscreen ingredient found in cosmetics & personal care products.
  • Titanium dioxide has a high refractive index, making it a popular ingredient in whitening formulas based on its bright reflective properties.
  • 99% pure, is the FDA's approval benchmark for Titanium dioxide in any cosmetics. No adverse effects are caused with this, listed safe, pigment treatment.
  • It is considered safe for use in foods, drugs, paints & cosmetics.
  • It is however reasonable to conclude that Titanium dioxide is not a cancer causing substance - unless exposure is beyond safe limits during manufacturing.


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