Vaalnest Spa product review - Enzyme Face Buff

Posted by Vaalnest on Thu May 26, 2016 in Vaalnest Spa & Health.

A gentle, vegetable-based enzyme facial buff that removes unwanted dead skin cells and impurities, leaving the skin radiant, clean and refreshed.

You should never scrub your face!
Your face is a very gentle part of your body. When exfoliating, use light and gentle circular motions.

To use: after cleansing and toning apply onto damp face and neck avoiding the eye area. Massage for 5 minutes, continually adding water. Remove thoroughly with lukewarm water. Follow with Nourishing Face and Neck Mask and Evening Moisturiser. Kalahari is an exclusive lifestyle collection for body, soul and home. Kalahari Lifestyle was inspired by an extraordinary journey that started in the vast open plains of the Kalahari Desert in Africa. Every product contains a bouquet of pure natural plant oils making the range harmonious with nature by enhancing the true value of the desert and the plants of the Kalahari. This collection will captivate your imagination whilst it nourishes your body and mind. only exfoliate 1-2 a week though


  • If you are facing blemishes and dark spots problem, it is ideal to use the exfoliators regularly. This will remove the dirt on the face which reduces the skin imperfections and contributes towards flawless skin.
  • Using a facial exfoliators stimulates the skin which results in improved blood circulation. This leads to firm and healthy looking skin.
  • Exfoliators will help you get rid of toxins and dead skin cells, thus stimulating the growth of new skin cells which leads to fresh and younger skin tone.
  • For dry skin people who have flakes around nose and chin area, an exfoliators will help remove the crumbly layer of the skin and makes it easy for you to moisturize.
  • If you are tired and exhausted after a long day's work, even your face would look weary. Facial exfoliators help remove dirt, dust and grime making your skin look fresh, relaxed and beaming.
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