Vaalnest set to heighten its hospitality services to clients

Posted by Collen on Wed August 19, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

Vaalnest Boutique Hotel wants to thank Renault for their support, as such Vaalnest Management were so impressed they have pledged this summer to be exciting for guests.

With the hype of our recent debacle in the postponing of the High Tea event, all seemed doomed for Vaalnest but thankfully Renault came to play and we hosted a lunch for them in preparation to their upcoming media launch…but more on that story will be covered in our upcoming newsletter so please subscribe.

Thank you to our in house events coordinator who had a successful run in hosting Renault, her work was immaculate and splendid to say the least. Her work ethic and tenacity really made for a welcoming event that Renault regarded as unforgettable. Our support staff played a major role as well in running the event which made work much easier for everybody. We look forward to hosting the Renault team in the near future.

Summer has just basically entered its first peek thus with so much happening, Vaalnest has been in preparation to heighten hospitality service, so needless to say will also cover more on what to look out for this coming season so keep visiting our website. We have seen changes regarding our service to clients recently and with our feedback every week, Vaalnest Management works hand in hand with staff to bring out the ultimate best in hospitality.


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