Vaalnest set to dispense its flyers

Posted by Collen on Wed June 17, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

By now you should know about Vaalnest’s new Spa and Cycling Tours. Catch our colour coated green flyers near you!!!

“Natural Treatments, Luxury Results” is the phrase you can identify our spa with, it incorporates the best of Kalahari products and we make each treatment worth your time and money. We also have a special package to kick start the Spa and is still valid until the 31st of July 2015, it is a Winter Warmers Welcome to Vaalnest and includes a dinner voucher, book now to get this treat. All guests are welcome to try our cycling tours as well which forms part of the excitement when coming to visit us, one can get a feel of this magnificent holiday town and become one with nature. See our waterfronts and get on routes that take you around birding sites and beautiful sceneries overlooking the vast Vaal Dam. Catch your flyer now and let everyone know about our exciting new “Things To Do” at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel.