Vaalnest Restaurant, what we serving this winter.

Posted by Collen on Mon June 22, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

It’s not every day where you get one of your best waitress and your best chef to come up with a meal together, well here’s what they recommended.

At Vaalnest we take our food preparation seriously, so our passion for the right ingredients is seen carried out with every dish. To some this may seem like it’s not much but ask those that have had a share in our fine dining restaurant, they will tell you about our first class service and attention to detail. As part of management I had an opportunity to sit with one of the top chefs and see what they get up too in the kitchen and what their sacred recommended dish is for this winter, so to my surprise a waitress came up and intervened and together had this meal for me to try. In one word ”mmmmh” the Chicken Supreme, prepared with the finest ingredients and simply well put together on the most sophisticated cutlery. I had my mouthful in seconds and the chef broke down the ingredients as I indulged every bit of that plate, enjoy the Supreme of Chicken stuffed with Peppadew Duxelle, served with black Mushroom truffle oil, Potatoes Puree and Asparagus spear with sauce...simple yet elegant right. So visit Vaalnest and come experience natural freshly prepared food with effortless precision and in the fraction of the time.


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