Vaalnest Plant a Tree, and the contribution to Mandela Day

Posted by Collen on Wed August 5, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

A recent update on the Conservation page has seen a live update on the various trees planted across the country by our visitors as part of our Help Us Plant a Tree Initiative. Giving back is part of our mission to make a better life for all. Much like Nelson Mandela, a better life for all also means the place in which you live in must be gracious. From an environment point of view we pledged with the Vaalnest staff to do something different this year by planting at least 30 trees which will be donated across the community we operate in. All employees had an opportunity to plant their own seed tree and nourish it. Once all tree seeds have been planted, they need to be groomed up to a certain height. Vaalnest is set to distribute these trees to various locations around the town of Vaal Marina including the local community and Vaal Marina Police Station. Vaalnest is committed in giving back, part of which is our drive in community investment and business development. Any Responsible Tourism drive is a major platform in which our hotel operates and whatever we do must adhere to our policy and must benefit those taking part in our drive.

Our Plant a Tree initiative for Mandela Day highlights Environmental, Social and Cultural Guidelines. These bodies form part of Responsible Tourism and such initiatives will hope to promote the sharing of historical and cultural sites and even promote pollution reduction i.e. Conservation of the environment. The tree initiative has seen a major growth in terms of followers with regards to people actually making a pledge in planting trees. This initiative is actually expanding far beyond what Vaalnest had imagined, so to keep the momentum going Vaalnest has taken a pledge to give each guest a gift pack to take back home and start planting all five seeds at their desired location. This ultimately means more trees and more cleaner air creating a sustainable environment for all to live in. Join Vaalnest next year when we do more exciting initiatives to promote Mandela Day and by making a difference in the community you live in. Thank you to all Vaalnest Boutique Hotel Staff members who took part in this global initiative and making a difference where they can. Thank you to Vaalnest Management for making this 67min one to remember for all.

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