Vaalnest looks at Green Technology

Posted by Collen on Wed September 2, 2015 in Responsible Tourism & Environmental News.

An in-depth look into the world of environmental science and environmental monitoring with aid to conserving the natural environment and its resources.

Environmental technology or what is now known as simply envirotech, is a phrase used to describe a class of electronic devices that can promote sustainable management of resources or energy in such a way that the environment around cannot be affected negatively. Clean technology is the aid to help reduce carbon footprint if you will, and this application is thus used across all businesses across the globe as a means to conserve energy i.e. a model used to conserve the natural environment and resources, and to curb the negative impacts of human involvement. In tourism this important and is stated in all Responsible Tourism policies. The main aim is to highlight several important factors such as:


  • A manner in which businesses can practice sustainable energy regeneration by sorting certain material for reuse in the future. Remember that sustainable development is the core of environmental technologies.

Renewable energy

  • Renewable energy is simply what’s known as energy that can be replenished easily. For years we have been using sources like wood, sun, water, etc. for means for producing energy. Energy that can be produced by natural objects like wood, sun, wind, etc. is considered to be renewable.

Water purification

  • The whole idea/concept of having dirt/germ/pollution free water flowing throughout the environment. Water pollution is the main enemy of this concept, and it is known that various campaigns and activists have been organized around the world to help purify water.

 Air purification

  • Basic and common green plants can be grown indoors to keep air fresh because all plants remove CO2 and convert it into oxygen.

Environmental remediation

  • Environmental remediation is the removal of pollutants or contaminants for the general protection of the environment. This is accomplished by various chemical, biological, and bulk movements.

Solid waste management

  • Solid waste management is the purification, consumption, reuse, disposal and treatment of solid waste that can be undertaken by various businesses such as hotels

Energy conservation

  • Energy conservation is the utilization of devices that require smaller amounts of energy in order to reduce the consumption of electricity. Reducing the use of electricity causes less fossil fuels to be burned to provide that electricity.

These factors can be practised at home or even by various businesses to help conserve the environment and to help use resource of businesses in a sustainable manner.




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