Vaalnest located at the banks of Vaal dam

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Vaal dam: one of the second biggest dam in South Africa and one of the popular inland water tourist attractions in the country.

Vaal dam is the second largest dam in South Africa. The dam lies on the Vaal river and it is one of the strongest flowing rivers. There are beautiful accommodation establishments on the banks of Vaal dam providing entertainment, water sports and most of all tranquility of which something we offer everyday at Vaalnest.

The Vaal dam also known as the Highveld is also known as a hide away place for one to relax. Visiting Vaalnest would enable any guest to experience the view of the Vaal dam and explore what is offered within the area. People who reside at Vaal marina often have a chance to have a glance on the view of the Vaal dam.

One of the most prevalent and pleasurable attractions at the Vaal Dam is that it has different watersports available, such canoeing, fishing, rafting, and jet skiing. Since Vaal marina is located within the Vaal dam, the guests visiting the area have an opportunity to experience the tranquility, moderate climate and clear winter days.


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