Vaalnest introduces its Getaway Group Accommodation Package

Posted by Collen on Wed January 27, 2016 in Vaalnest News.

You probably want to go on a memorable road trip with friends and family and as we all know sometimes the journey can just be better than the actual destination. Well not this time…

We at Vaalnest have carried out a simple tradition of getaway travel in numbers, surely whether it’s your birthday or just a function, people want the company of friends and family when going on holiday. This year we have dedicated our time and effort in making leisure travel even better by introducing the Getaway Group Accommodation Package, a first for Vaalnest and certainly not the last. This year we share our vision of making our facilities available for those that want a full adventure anywhere anytime. Our Luxurious Countryside side offers the best location for any adventurous activity during the week or weekends, you name it we got it. From breath taking views of the Vaal Dam to the glorious sunset over the horizon, Vaalnest is certainly the place to be.

We offer first class accommodation that will cater for any group to experience our tranquil nature setting, a setting that is simply relaxing yet full of many wonderful things to go by. Let us pamper you and your friends to a lovely stay at our prestigious hotel, we offer the best of any activity you can think off. Because Vaalnest is introducing the Getaway Group Accommodation Package for the first time, we have selected intriguing activities that are included, unlike most offers this package is tailored to suit any person irrespective of age and is not specific to any market. Our boutique experience has allowed us to create the first ever Getaway Group Accommodation Package dedicated to all our markets. So next time when you want to have that epic road trip, book your stay with us and try our new Group Accommodation Package exclusive at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel. Explore and Experience the perfect adventure getaway.