Vaalnest Conferencing on the rise…

Posted by Collen on Mon November 16, 2015 in Conferencing & Team Building .

It goes without saying that if you put your mind to it the rest shall come to pass and you will achieve a lot. With the completion of the Comorant Hall, a project of this magnitude will look to succeed what the Pelican Hall is currently achieving.

The last couple of weeks have been very good to Vaalnest Boutique Hotel, the Conference market has seen quiet a number of companies choose our venue as the number one choice for relaxing corporate meetings. All our luxurious accommodation at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel becomes the epicentre of a nature experience that is truly interactive. We must also make reference to our fine dining restaurant that incorporates the best dishes to keep any business meeting at its peak. As mentioned previously, Vaalnest Conferencing Coordinator together with management devised menus that complement the setting, a Hot Selection Menu allows for clients to have various options from over 6 different meals to eat from as the convention is ongoing regardless how many days you book. Vaalnest Conferencing is on the rise and with so many companies choosing our location, it’s no surprise that the Comorant Hall will look to be just as popular as many other facilities at our location. Our dedication from our staff in general ensures that your team can relax after a day’s hard work. Our service to clients is our priority thus we have looked to grow the market of corporate events and other lifestyle events at Vaalnest. Book our affordable Conference Packages today and experience the magic of Vaalnest Conferencing in country and holiday setting all just an hour’s drive from Johannesburg.