Vaalnest Conference facilities, Comorant Hall

Posted by Collen on Tue May 12, 2015 in Conferencing & Team Building .

The completion of the Comorant Hall will see Vaalnest position itself higher in the conference market.

The Comorant Hall is one of Vaalnest’s prime achievement in terms of growing the market in conferencing. The completion of this facility will seek to attract more clients that want a setting with all the necessary tools to use with just the right exceptional service which Vaalnest prides themselves in, and is known amongst others to be standard and as per our policy no compromise or deviations of our service to you is tolerated. Progress is seen from every corner and cranny of each walls, to the complete fitting and furbishing of window frames to the electric wiring that will light up the big interior space. Construction is seemingly at the right pace, and when completed fully it will house more than 200 people to play host to any event. Vaalnest Boutique Hotel also wants to make reference to the fact that conference packages have not seen much of a change thus a selection of meals is still made optional as per the clients request. Clients can still choose their lunch meals and even make a selection of various desserts, thus Vaalnest Conferencing also devised a Hot Selection Menu where clients hosting more 20 people can choose from 6 different main meals. Our Events Coordinator is sure to make you host a well prepared conference within a tranquil setting that will allow for the freshest business ideas to flourish. Vaalnest Comorant Hall Conferencing facility is the best in its class and affords us the opportunity to tailor-make a unique setting that will give us the edge in the market place. Visit our Conferencing page to view packages, see you soon Vaalnest Conference Team!!