Vaalnest brings back Spa Treatment

Posted by Collen on Wed May 13, 2015 in Vaalnest Spa & Health.

Our newly opening spa salon will be in operation soon, so help yourself to some luxury treatments that will make your body relax. Our highly trained staff are sure to make your moment a precious one so whether you here for a couple getaway or business be sure to relax. The treatments can also be included in a booking for any accommodation. All packages are on request and remember you can also request other activities online.

 Vaalnest Boutique Hotel Spa treatment facility and its products

Kalahari has worked with Vaalnest over the past year as a supplier of body care products which we included in our amenity range. Their approach to customer service is exceptional and like Vaalnest their main objective is the long term sustainable development and growth of the South African pecan industry. In order to achieve this, KDP highlights that they must be cost competitive and adhere to international food safety and quality standards. Their policy further states that to fulfil their social responsibilities goals as company, is to be registered for Broad based black economic empowerment (Act 53 of 2003). This certifies them as contributors to the BEE program as stipulated by the act mentioned above. As part of Responsible Tourism one of our policy also highlights our involvement in business development and as such we have forged the opportunity to invest in training some of the staff to become market leaders in the beauty industry. The Kalahari Training Program commenced on the 4th of May 2015, trained students will seek to have knowledge in the Kalahari products and how to use them and further introducing clients to the Kalahari products. All Vaalnest Spa Treatments will use only natural products with no artificial colourants. This allows your body to get the right treatment at any given time, and the results are long term. Clients also have the opportunity to choose products they want to be treated with depending on their body state at the time of the treatment. Some of the products used for all body massages include Tsamma Blend, Aromatic Dune Blend, Khoisan Aromatic Blend and the wild Honey Blend, however our trained therapists will provide the necessary information when going for a treatment. Remember to look out for our next article, we'll be getting into a lot more detail about the product range and when the launch will be taking place.

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