Vaalnest Boutique Hotel obtains a new BEE Certificate

Posted by Collen on Wed July 29, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

We pride ourselves in the service we give, thus our hard work has been honoured. Vaalnest obtained a new BEE Certificate to mark us as an Exempt Micro Enterprise with 85% black ownership.

Our efforts have been recognized and we will continue to promote responsible tourism through our services. It’s been a strategy from the beginning to have continuous meetings with suppliers to ensure the required standard of service delivery is achieved. We must therefore continue as such to improve and enhance the relationships with those parties involved as a means to promote supplier products and services.

Meetings with procurement and finance teams on a regular monthly basis will afford us the opportunity to improve our unique product for years to come. Vaalnest understands that positioning ourselves out there is critical and must be done following a policy that is both functional and recognizable.


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