Vaalnest Boutique Hotel hyped up for the upcoming reality show shoot

Posted by Collen on Wed October 21, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

In case you haven’t checked out our Facebook page or visiting our website, here’s a recap on what is to come at Vaalnest in the next month.

Senior Producer of the Home Channel on Dstv Channel 176 chose to shoot an episode of the Property reality series Guiding You Home at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel. If you are looking to buy a home in the quiet holiday town of Vaal Marina be sure to catch this episode as it airs towards the end of the month of November. This episode will aim to also showcase Vaalnest Boutique Hotel as the perfect spot for getaway travel. We know December is basically travel month, thus what a perfect opportunity for us to showcase what our boutique hotel has to offer, from stunning luxury accommodations to breathe taking Vaal Dam views to Spa facilities that will blow your mind away, be sure to visit us this holidays.

History of Vaal Marina

This holiday town as we all grown to know it for has been the forefront when it comes to embracing the Vaal Dam. Situated right at the heart of the Vaal Dam it makes for the most wonderful views ever known. More than that people over the years have invested in property here as it brings in the tranquillity and style you need to escape the city buzz. Vaal Marina is known to have a beautiful, relaxing atmosphere with spectacular picturesque views of the Vaal Dam in Southern Gauteng. The main attraction is the Vaal Dam which has a large variety of water sports available making this site very popular and enjoyable by many visitors and the local. Jet skiing, canoeing, rafting, sailing, water skiing and fishing are among the many water sports that people enjoy at the dam including luxury Sailing Cruises that can be arranged should you wish for a relaxing and soothing nature experience with water. Additionally Vaal Marina enjoys a moderate climate with warm to hot summer months, on bad days most rainfall can come as thunderstorms but overall cool, clear winter days with temperatures dropping in the evenings.



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