Vaalnest Boutique Hotel highlights Responsible Tourism to its employees, here is a summary on what was on the agenda.

Posted by Collen on Tue June 2, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

Through our social blog, we commonly share as much information to the public as possible and over the past moths we also review some information to all staff regarding any changes happening in our vicinity. Transparency has always been our priority to our employees, with that comes trust that has been built over the years and hence the loyalty we have from our employees and communities at large. This has enabled growth and good performance, but there must be adequate knowledge in the task given for one to perform to the best of their ability and to represent the company at top level. Our policy has never seen much changes and the main Issues covered were:

  • Products and services: What service are we providing and to who, with our newly operated reservation department, our efficiency in taking bookings just keeps growing. We also acknowledge that our product comes with a Fair Trade label and that comfortably assures our workers are well managed just as our guests are.
  • Company policy: Our business practices are profound and transparent, so as per FTT (Fair Trade Tourism) environmental stewardship is encouraged.
  • Infrastructure: Currently the completion of the third and final phase Vaalnest Boutique Hotel is underway and the phase includes 36 luxuriously decorated suites that will have an en-suite bathroom, mini-bar fridge, satellite television and coffee making facilities. When the new Comorant Hall is complete there will be an additional 200 square metre facility which will be able to seat up to 220 people, it can be used for: conferencing, wedding receptions and even parties.
  • Sales Driven Staff: We encourage our staff to tell clients that when staying at a destination accredited by FTT ensures that one is making a positive difference, especially because you are supporting responsible travel through social, economic and environmental factors that impact tourism as a whole
  • Staff Training and mentorship: It must be known that Fair wages and good working conditions are among the first things FTT assessors and the trademark panel seek. We support local employment and procurement, training and empowerment of staff is our number one priority. Recent initiatives regarding staff training include, Vaalnest and Kalahari Spa Training Program and the Wine Service Training Program.

The promotion of local tourist attractions and culture as well acknowledging the environment has helped us to create a strategy that pushes the boundaries of travel and tourism and reach our goals. FTT helps us to operate in a social responsible way and making a destination be joyful

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