Vaalnest Boutique Hotel heightens luxury accommodation in the Vaal

Posted by Collen on Fri September 18, 2015 in Responsible Tourism & Environmental News.

From the earthy gold like colour scheme that is seen carried out in the rooms, it is no wonder this hotel stands out when it comes to luxury accommodation in the Vaal.

Whilst most people may find this appealing, it’s only natural then to consider a hotel like Vaalnest Boutique Hotel which is known to be identified with the most natural architectural building styles known to men. Vaalnest offers luxury accommodation in the Vaal that is uniquely packaged to suite you. From a well-appointed presidential suite overlooking the Vaal Dam, to the extravagant balconies of our prestigious standard rooms with garden chairs, this setting is beautifully sculpted for the perfect holiday getaway. A superb garden that hosts over 80 indigenous bird species is just one of many of Vaalnests outdoor facilities. Get the right feel at the Vaalnest Spa and choose between over 7 treatments that are inspired by nature. How about the up market presidential suite which is the most luxurious, incorporates a sitting lounge and a huge bathroom suite to make you feel like a king. So when u classify this setting under the phrase luxury accommodation in and around the Vaal, it is only fitting for travellers who will love the accessibility of this area, being that it so easy to locate via the R54 road leading to Vereeniging and Heidelberg from Durban N3. The Vaal Dam is the highlight of it all, with a vast shoreline and breathtaking views, it remains popular with fishing and other water sports such River Rafting and even a romantic Sundowner Cruise. Luxury accommodation in the Vaal has never been so peaceful and warm, our quaint natural environment takes you deeper to an alluring nature experience with a touch of tranquillity.