Vaalnest attends the 2015 Getaway Travel and Tourism Conference in Randburg

Posted by Collen on Thu August 27, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

The 2015 Getaway Travel and Tourism Conference was an informative yet interactive platform to gain sight into the world of Social Media and how you as a business can gain a little bit of popularity.

The very core of social media is interaction, consistency and the believe system that what you are selling is truly something unique and meaningful to people. The start of the session saw a very good emphasis on Bonfire Social Media Strategies, i.e. how to connect to your audience in a way that will make you stay relevant to them for a long time. This also includes the techniques on how to share stories amongst your audience and the key social media elements that will spark your overall social media strategy. Vaalnest wants to thank Dave Duarte on enlightening what business can achieve with social media as a whole.


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