Vaalnest 2016 Strategic Staff Meeting took place on 8th Jan 2016

Posted by Collen on Fri January 8, 2016 in Vaalnest News.

We all know any company needs a plan moving forward in order for it to operate to its full capacity. Vaalnest held its annual Strategic Staff Meeting for 2016.

Ever since we opened dour doors to the world, we have always gave out our best when it comes to selling accommodation. Our market has expanded and we continue to give out the most unique luxury accommodation anywhere in the Vaal. The Annual Vaalnest Strategic Meeting is an aid to provide staff moral and improve working ethics within our working environment as a whole. Apart from the values we hold, the meeting covered various issues such as:

  • Annual Financial Report
  • Staff Working Departments and Functions
  • Communication Mediums
  • Organisational Structure and Functions
  • Overall Work Ethics and Values
  • Mission/Objectives

A profound statement made by the Management about the future of the business as a whole, many spoke out to voice out their ideas. A productive yet team building initiative that will certainly shape the operation of the Vaalnest Boutique Hotel in the future. Thank You to Vaalnest Management, Vaalnest Staff and other Members for making this meeting a success. We wish all our staff a good year and may they do their utmost best in their dedicated fields to make this the best hotel there is.