The Vaal Dam Is A - Ok

Posted on Tue July 14, 2015.

By now people are aware of the controversial plans for sewage to be pumped into the Vaal Dam. On our last month’s issue, we published news that were very crucial for the public to know. Many people also tuned in to Carte Blanche where the story of this nature debacle was covered. Vaalnest However will highlight certain ‘facts’ relating to this matter and one of them was deviating the notion that the whole of Vaal Dam will be contaminated, hence the statement taken from the Deneysville & Vaaldam News “water from the Refengkgotso purification plant is not raw sewerage” now as a result this water was pumped to the dam for years.

Also to note is that the council itself needs to make sure regulations are put in place to monitor the standard of purification. So even though construction of the Metsimaholo pipelines for sewage effluent is said to be 400m away from the Rand Water Pipeline, measures are put in place to divert all the waste at least 1km away from Rand Water. People need to also be aware of the environmental impact any waste has on water as a whole, Vaalnest Boutique Hotel also needs to make reference to the fact that this project is at its critical point and we are all affected should less measures be put in place to regulate waste, especially when drinking water is concerned.

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