Trump elected as the President: What does it mean for South African Tourism?

Posted by Gugu on Fri November 11, 2016 in Responsible Tourism & Environmental News.

As Donald Trump has been elected as the USA president, there is a possibility that SA tourism will improve because the democrats are not happy with the election turnout

As seen on national news, Donald Trump has been elected as the President of the United States of America. This country now has its own version of Julius Malema because he is certainly going to bring the showbiz to the USA presidency.
It is a known fact that America is a country full of asylum seekers or better yet refugees, which is why Barack Obama has been considered as an outsider on a number of times. Since Donald Trump has been elected as a president, there has been a huge outcry from Americans stating that they want him removed. Well, this is good news for South Africa because most Americans love South Africa. This is because we have a beautiful country with exceptional nature reserves.
Since there has been a huge outcry at America, there is possibility that more people would want to visit South Africa and it would be a good boost to our tourism sector as it would grow the economy enormously.
South Africa remains as one of the top in terms of value for money for Americans and this is an advantage to the tourism sector because it is viewed as an engine for economic growth in our country.

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