Travel accommodation in the Vaal

Posted by Collen on Mon May 4, 2015 in Vaalnest News.

The small town of Vaal Marina just of the R54 road connecting Vereeniging and Villiers is popular for a holiday getaway, situated near the Vaal Dam it also features small shops and a restaurant and even a hotel (Vaalnest Boutique Hotel) for your convenience. As a whole the Vaal Triangle should be well known for its first class Vaal Dam accommodation that will have any traveller feeling good. Adventure travellers are people who are optimistic in their traveling so this means that they have an in-depth understanding of the environment and choose to be aware because they want the full experience of knowing where they are heading when it comes to travelling. Local adventure traveling is always good because you get to experience what your surroundings have to offer. With regards to accommodation, The Vaal area around the banks of the Vaal Dam offers prime real estate Vaal Dam accommodation, and the area is known for offering the tranquillity needed to escape city life. With that said there are many Vaal Dam accommodation options available for one to choose from depending on what suits you and for what purpose.

This includes your self-catering units which of course some hotels can offer, bed and breakfasts are plenty which offer more private space and camp sites which will suite adventure travellers and those traveling in groups. In the Vaal alone there are so many spots for caravan camping as well, so when you research any means of Vaal Dam accommodation make sure you know the place very well and see if it also includes activities to keep the whole family entertained. So remember whatever your taste and feel make sure you’re comfortable and know that each one brings with it something different. The most popular activity to do around the Dam is

  • Boat riding this includes a cruise of a sunset view
  • Water sports, namely river rafting etc.
  • Fishing which is popular amongst many people that call this place home, attracts tourist from all over because of so many different species of fish being caught it’s no wonder some locals even make it a sport. 

So one has to experience the Vaal Dam itself to get the feel of the place even more and since most accommodation is situated insight of the Vaal Dam resort its only best you experience the adventure right in front of you.