Travel accommodation at the Vaal Dam

Posted by Collen on Fri September 11, 2015 in Responsible Tourism & Environmental News.

The quiet Holiday town of Vaal Marina is home to one of the finest award winning boutique hotels found anywhere around the Vaal.

It is a small town situated near the Vaal Dam and also features shoreline public areas that are great for various water activities and even camping. This area is also well known for its first class Vaal dam accommodation that will have any traveller feeling good. So what does a boutique Hotel like Vaalnest have for leisure travel? Vaalnest Boutique Hotel around the banks of the Vaal Dam offers prime real estate Vaal Dam accommodation, and the hotel is known for offering the tranquillity needed to escape city life. Everything from Adventure traveller packages to Romantic getaways, this hotel is an alluring nature experience with a touch of tranquillity, and provides 4 star accommodation that’s simply marvellous. This first class Hotel also includes activities to keep the whole family entertained should you request any with your accommodation. Guests can opt for packages or even special offers that include spa treatments for those that love to be pampered under the summer’s sun outside the indigenous garden at the prestigious gazebos. Other popular activities that come with these packages are Boat riding and other water sports like River Rafting. Remember whatever your taste and feel make sure you’re comfortable and know that each getaway brings with it something different. Vaalnest Boutique Hotel in the Vaal Dam is the prime of Vaal Dam Accommodation of choice. So for this summer come and experience the mighty Vaal dam from the majestic balconies of Vaalnest Boutique Hotel to get the feel of the place even more and with accommodation situated insight of the Vaal dam its only best you experience the adventure right in front of you.


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