The only Rose in my Garden

Posted on Fri March 12, 2010.

At first I thought I had been struck by lightning but soon came to realize I had been hit by a supersonic, turbo-charged arrow of Cupid! My heart was not merely racing – it was going 3,000 r/pm without a sweat. I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. I was staring cross-eyed at the lovely, feathery vision with the cutest pursed beak I have ever seen.
“Reggie, are you okay?” she breathed and touched me with the tip of her feather on my crop. My oh my, what can I say? I suddenly realized I was in the company of the most beautiful bird on the face of this blue, green and white planet of ours. With this thought came the realization that I was ridiculously sprawled on the floor at her feet and probably looked like some kind of slobbering infant. My eyes caught the huge bouquet of red roses on the bar counter and I quickly reached for a single rose and held it out towards the smashing gal, nonchalantly pretending that the fainting spell was part of my romantic approach. It worked! She reached for the rose and our feather points touched. “Be my valentine,” I croaked.