The Ex on Facebook …

Posted on Thu February 21, 2013 in Couple time.

Be aware of the dangers of chatting with your Ex on Facebook!
Would you rather have a romantic break away at the Vaal Nest Boutique Hotel at the Vaal Dam … or chat with your ex behind your loved one’s back?
The social media has taken over the world. It is amazing that you can hook up again with Betty who was your best friend at school … But Facebook and Twitter also became one of the biggest threats to relationships and marriages, an American study has shown.
So your high school sweetheart makes contact with you on Facebook. Your heart beats faster. You cannot remember when was the last time you felt like this because your marriage has become a bit boring…
Do you … book a romantic room at the Vaal Nest Boutique hotel where you can re connect with your hubby … or flirt behind his back with your school boyfriend?
Deb Castaldo, PhD, a couples and family therapist and professor at Rutgers University School of Social Work in New Brunswick, NJ, says the first danger is that you can put your marriage at risk for someone you haven’t seen for 20 years.
It is likely you school sweetie is not the same person anymore. At least you know what you’ve got in hubby.
So you are bored with your marriage? Is this old sweetheart worth the damage it can cause your marriage?
Flirting behind your spouses back might be fun, but…
“That leads to an air of secrecy and dishonesty in your marriage,” she says.
When did you last do something romantic and adventurous to bring a bit of romance back to your relationship?
Find a place with romantic accommodation, quiet romantic dinners, peace and tranquility … book a room.
We bet you will quickly forget about the old flame!