The difference between a hotel, self-catering and a resort

Posted by Gugu on Tue December 13, 2016 in Vaalnest News.

Vaalnest Boutique Hotel gives you an insight with regards to the difference of a hotel, a resort and self catering institutions

A hotel is classified as a viable institution providing meals, accommodations, and other guest services. In certain nation state hotels were constructed to aid middle-class families and when the economy in overall grew and room supply augmented: proprietors then concentrated on locating themselves apart by proposing specified accommodation for business groups, special weekend events, and conventioneers.

Hotels differ greatly in terms of elegance and services, business, resort, from luxury, boutique, townhouse to and budget. A standard room will have a bed, bathroom facilities, shower, telephone, TV, lounge area and mini-bar. Housekeeping services available include laundry and dry-cleaning.

Nowadays visitors would usually have admission to a wireless computer network and also to a business center. Most big hotels will have an in-house restaurants and bars available for guests and if they are situated in a large city they are usually located near the business districts, tourist destinations and/or airports.

Hotels have Casual Dining Restaurants whereby they serve ‘A La Carte’ menu, buffet and healthy food. Some provide set menus in certain occasions, e.g. lunch menu and tea-set menu and Dishes are moderately-priced.

Resorts characteristically deliver a wide-ranging assortment of recreational services, as well as a diversity of food and beverage outlets ranging from informal to fine-dining restaurants. Furthermore, resorts are known as destination areas where one could relax and be entertained at the same time. Here the visitors come for a longer duration of stay, for recreation and for activities.

Self-catering property is your home away from home. It usually offers guests an individual occupancy unit consisting of one or more bedrooms and elf-contained public areas e.g. kitchen, dining area and lounge. Vaalnest Boutique Hotel is under the category of boutique hotel whereby they provide their guests with the chance to explore the local feel without sacrificing luxury. These kind of hotels aim to offer the guest with some type of ‘experience’ that would be memorable.

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