The 10 Worst Leadership Mistakes

Posted on Sat April 13, 2013.

If a worker makes a mistake, his boss will definitely remind him. That is his job. Because when a boss makes a mistake, it might influence a whole company.
The original decision before companies bring their teams to the Vaalnest Boutique Hotel at Vaal Marina, Vaal Dam, is often initiated by a good leader. I found various studies about the worst mistakes leaders can make. I hope the great bosses who repeatedly bring their teams for team building sessions at our hotel find them useful.
1. Lack of communication
2. Failure to be a good role model
3. Not maintaining an “A” team.
4. Inadequate recognition
5. Failure to develop subordinates.
6. Inability or unwillingness to effectively delegate.
7. Not making sound and timely decisions.
8. Ignoring the “tough” responsibilities.
9. Neglecting smaller functional areas
10. Poor work life balance.