Posted on Wed May 19, 2010.

I decided to arrange a surprise for Ronda and Flammy. Oh, and yes,
Pelicanus would probably tag along as well. I arranged for an overnight stay on a luxurious yacht on the mighty waters of the Vaal Dam. We would have our own chef preparing a delicious 3-course meal on board, maybe dance a bit and just relax on deck overlooking the gorgeous star studded sky and full moon.

My capable staff at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel would arrange everything to the T on my behalf. They would even see to it that a talented violinist accompany us to ensure that everyone is in a romantic, mellow mood.
Moonlight, dreamy music, good food, great drinks and excellent company…

What more could anyone ask for?

The troops were very excited when I told them. Ronda batted her beautiful long eyelashes at me and blew me a kiss which effects I felt right to my big toe. She promptly promised to wear her brand new bikini. I couldn’t wait!