Surprise, surprise

Posted on Wed September 15, 2010.

A can of worms!  It was nothing but a jerry can filled with hideous, slimy creaturesAlthough… eh… they would make a delectable morsel served on ice… One look at Ronda’s beetroot face and furious scowl quickly had me re-program my thoughts.  This was a national disaster of epic proportions.  We’ve been treasure hunting for what seemed like days on end, traipsing the width and breadth of my kingdom like foot soldiers going awol.  And what have we got for our troubles?  Worms.  Hundreds of them.  No, trillions and zillions of them.  Pelicanus was staring at the can of worms with a dumbfounded expression.  He was totally perplexed by the find.  He shook his head, muttered something beneath his breath and took out the map once again.  Him and Ronda bent over the map and started caucusing in wild gestures and hushed voices.  Ronda pinpointed something on the map, poked Pelicanus viciously in the ribs and gestured to a few boulders not far from us.  Pelicanus smiled from ear to ear and started loping towards the boulders in a haphazard gait which would have been hilarious in different circumstances.