Superglue and bait?

Posted on Fri March 8, 2013.

Have you ever heard of Superglue used in bait?
At Vaalnest Boutique Hotel at Vaal Marina we have heard many stories on the best bait for fresh water fish. (Our hotel is a popular destination for the fisherman who prefers luxurious accommodation at the Vaal Dam to camping.)
One of the most interesting tips I have read recently on fresh water bait is the use of superglue in soft baits.
Now, here I want other fisherman to let me know if this is just another fisherman’s tale. All fisherman love debating about the best bait.
Let me know if you have used this tip I came across on the website
“What I am referring to is super glue in soft baits. No, not to have the fish to stick to them whenever they bite! If you’re utilizing soft baits, there is a tendency to slip down the hook after capturing a couple of fish or after about ONE HUNDRED casts. This is what you do Slip the soft bait down the fishing hook (eye end). Put a drop of super glue on the hook and slip the soft bait back in the eye of the hook. You now have no more sliding bait! Additionally, this will boost the life of the soft bait, and, obviously, more fish strikes, because the bait will always be on the hook correctly.”
If you have tried it and it works, let me know!
See you at Vaalnest Boutique Hotel for your next fishing trip to the Vaal Dam!