Strawberries … a secret bait?

Posted on Sat March 30, 2013.

If want to break away for a fishing weekend to the Vaal Dam, one of the crucial questions you would like to ask regulars visitors would be: What is the best bait to use to catch those big monsters lurking in the undercurrents of the dam?
This is exactly what an anxious fisherman asked Cousin Peter the other day: “Tell me your secrets. What bait works best at the Vaal dam? And, please tell me what you usually use to create a good feeding spot?”
Now Cousin Peter is a nice guy. But it is a bit brave to ask him the recipe of his secret bait.
He reminds me of those old ladies who hate sharing their baking secrets. They would sometimes reluctantly give you their recipes … and, you would ever know if they left out one ingredient!
But this guy is a keen enthusiastic amateur fisherman and Cousin Peter felt he should teach the young man the tricks of his success at the Vaal Dam.
“Sonny, for carp I usually use sweet white dough and floaties. On the other hook I use a worm.”
Quite a revelation…
“Oh,” he added, “Mielie pips … I use it with a brown bread backing.”
Then he rambled on about his secret dips.
His best bites were with a caramel dip, he told the young man.
“But almond, some fish like it! Even strawberry …”
I could see the young bloke was puzzled.
Peter rolled his eyes and sighed.
“Yes, Sonny, you use a big red strawberry …” He chuckled.
I felt sorry for the guy and could only imagine the expression on the faces of other fisherman when the young oke turns up at the Vaal Dam with a tray of Woolworths strawberries as bait!
Yes, I am a nice person; I told him later Peter uses a strawberry flavored dip.
Hope it works for him.