…sticky situations

Posted on Fri January 15, 2010.

You won’t believe what happened to Pelicanus this week!
Time and time again I have been warning him – ever so tactfully – that his ever-increasing girth was bound to get him in trouble sometime, but he paid no heed to my sincere words of advice. Wednesday morning, the unavoidable happened.
Pelicanus was soaring up in the sky, dreamily planning another beautiful Vaalnest wedding, only occasionally flapping his wings – CRASH! BOOM! BANG! He flew straight into a tree.
I imagine he must have closed his eyes (although he insists that it jumped right in front of him, out of nowhere), and started descending without noticing. This wouldn’t have been a big problem if Pelicanus was a skinny bloke – he would have got off with only minor bruises, but somehow he managed to get himself wedged between a fork in the branches. There he was – stuck – unable to move forward or backward, screeching words that I dare not repeat in polite company.
After a lot of lube, a chainsaw (this caused Pelicanus to describe someone’s mother in a very unflattering style), and assistance from the Fire Department, we eventually got Pelicanus out of his sticky situation. He has since vowed to lay off from the wedding cake for a few weeks, and has taken up strolling instead of flying.
Just another day at VaalNest.