Sterkfontein Dam water heads to the majestic Vaal dam

Posted by Gugu on Thu November 10, 2016 in Responsible Tourism & Environmental News.

water has been released from the Sterkfontein dam in order to feed the Vaal dam of which is has dropped below 25 percent.

Drought has negatively impacted the water levels in South Africa and this has led to the decrease of national dam levels. On the 3rd of November the Cabinet was briefed by the Department of Water and Sanitation on the impact of drought and they also outlined their plan on how to ease the situation before the Vaal dam drops below 25 percent.

The plan of the Department is to release water from the Sterkfontein dam so that it feeds other national dams. The water has already been released into the Nuwejaarspruit stream which joins the Wilge River from then it would flow into the Vaal dam. The release of water was done on the 7th of November and this will continue for an average of 54 days.

The Minister of Water and Sanitation Nomvula Mokonyane has given municipalities specific targets to meet in terms of saving water. She has also urged the people of Gauteng to continue saving water because we are in dire need of it.
It is said that the Vaal water system provides water to the bulk of mines and industries situated at the east of Mpumalanga, Northern Cape, Free Sate and Northwest. The release of water has been made to minimize danger to communities around Sterfontein and the river banks of which have been dry for a while, and this will drop the Sterkfontein dam by 7 percent.

Over the years, South Africa has been facing low rainfalls and this has impacted badly on the water suppliers. The Government along with other stakeholders, are doing what they can to minimize the current conditions but it also crucial for us as citizens to play our part in saving water as it is a long way to recovery.

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